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Webgears is a developer platform for web-applications
with unprecedented interactive 3D graphics.
  • true interactive 3D graphics available in-browser
    (WebGL) that runs also on any mobile devices
  • novel 3D model optimization and web-native
    graphics engine that jointly decrease GPU load by
    100+ times
  • agnostic to 3D formats and software vendors
Used by PLM and BIM software vendors, related IT/web
integrators, and game developers, Webgears platform
allows full transition of rich 3D content to web/cloud.
Technology concept
untIl today
now wIth Webgears
only software
Interactive 3D requires installed software (usually 3D- format-specific, while different formats are conflicting with each other). Mobile delivery is limited to apps and usually simple graphics. PLM and other software that rely on 3D graphics are often too complex and slow for change.
web-browser is enough
Thanks to WebGL and related Webgears’ web-native graphics engine, any 3D content is now delivered just in a web-browser on both desktops and mobile. Our 3D model format has a potential to be become a CAD-vendor-agnostic neutral format.
only powerful desktop
Hardware requirements were always the key limiting factor for 3D graphics use cases. To render interactive 3D one still needs a computer with powerful graphics card (often only Windows) or a video game console. Such content is still a major challenge for mobile devices.
any desktop or mobile
A combination of more efficient 3D model format, proprietary graphics engine, hybrid cloud rendering support and other WebGL know-how reduce 3D processing load by factor of 100+.
3D is a luxury
Due to the limitations, exceptional hardware requirements and associated high costs, interactive 3D graphics is still a luxury with sometimes unclear added-value.
3D is everywhere
Connected web-based 3D content is available to any software-based or cloud IT system. 3D models are also natural part of IoT and Digital Enterprise IT solutions, as well as of sales and configuration tools.
Platform users
Our target clients are developers of 3D graphics software, related IT integrators and game developers that seek transition of interactive 3D content to the cloud.
Webgears is a developer platform for web-3D-applications that is built around a mix of proprietary novel mathematics behind 3D model geometry, web-native 3D graphics engine, hybrid server-local real-time rendering support, as well as other WebGL and software know-how.
Use cases
Webgears platform allows its users to create web-applications with next generation interactive 3D graphics. So far our clients are developing the following web-3D-applications:
Industrial product digitalization through web-based 3D “digital twins“ integrated with industrial IoT platforms.
In-browser real-time web-3D product configurators and post-sales customer engagement tools.
Powerful PLM/CAD web-viewers for 3D, engineering collaboration web-tools, supply chain coordinationation apps, etc.
Interactive assembly and service web-3D manuals, training simulators with gaming functionality
BIM project viewers, facility management web-apps.
your case
Web-3D-apps for
Purpose-built beyond CAD/PLM infrastructure to leverage connected 3D models across all product lifecycle:
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